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VICE, London / NOKIA / 2012






Last November, Nokia wanted to explore what their new brand position ‘Everyday Adventure’ means to a youth audience. ‘Everyday Adventure’ is all about people upgrading ordinary moments and living their passions in the contemporary urban world. Nokia wanted to find compelling examples of this approach to life.The 'global twenty-something' is continually evolving and trying to understand themselves. One thing that unites them is an adventurous attitude towards the everyday. Spoon-feeding artificial executions of this type of behaviour to this audience is often invalid – so Nokia wanted to tap into this generation’s creative talent, to develop an effective communication approach. The solution was to create a 6 minute short film/documentary (for online viewing) that brought to life people making a positive difference to their urban environment. It explores the relationship between the people who live in the city and their surroundings – via the vehicle of knitting messaging. It also looks into the powerful theme of serendipity, in the form of unexpected relationships between boys and girls from different sides of the Parisian tracks.

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