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HARTE HANKS , Philadelphia / SAMSUNG / 2015

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As a global campaign, we sought a unifying insight relevant to common behaviours from our millennial target audience.

When you also consider the accepted truth that members of Generation Y don't respond to 'traditional advertising' and are cynical about brands forcing their products into their social streams, we knew we had to be authentic and show product use in a natural and meaningful way.

Our chosen insight, that millennials have a compulsion for sharing bad news on their social channels, seeking sympathy from friends and family. We felt like this was a 'problem' we could address in our campaign with genuine solutions. By finding user stories in just one country, we built off global 'issues' like feeling hungry, tired, stressed and angry. And those sharing situations like having a bad hair day or taking a terrible selfie also played into our hands.

We created highly personal, unexpected surprises and then documented the transformation of social users from being stressed, too cold to get out of bed, or trapped underground taking bad selfies, into happy, excited, 'real' people. It was transfixing and turned standard Samsung product demonstration into a new genre of content ... 'dramality' with permissible product placement.


Samsung's social channels (YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram) were combined with Rudy Mancuso and Shaun 'Shonduras' McBride's own followings (Twitter and Instagram), for impressive reach using #NoteMyDay.

With social 'celebrities' fronting our campaign––using Note 4s to find 'targets' then brainstorm/plan surprises to 'make bad days better'––a 'meta' style of our published content documented them creating on their channels to engage tweeters. Their personalities allowed us to promote features in an 'authentic' way like never before, ultimately driving engagement in higher levels than hoped.

A new breed of social content––'dramality' with permissible product placement––has been created.


Across nine days of real-time content creation, we published 65 pieces.

• 9 YouTube films with >5.4m views, an average 92% positivity rating.

• A total of 1.3m engagements.

• Vine loops are now over 22m.

On Twitter:

• 21m impressions.

• 226k engagements.

• 5k mentions of #NoteMyDay.

• 94% positive sentiment.

• #NoteMyDay trended in 6 countries.

Industry coverage was extensive, blogs to AdAge, satisfying the client's objective of creating a newsworthy campaign.

Overall, our approach of using 'celebrity' influencers creating positive stories from negative tweets, all in real-time, resulted in audience engagement that superseded client expectations.

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