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NYC Pop-up, Made by Google

GOOGLE, Mountain View / GOOGLE / 2017

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We designed a unique architectural expression and a new approach to retail where guests could not only look, touch, and interact with the products, but could develop an emotional connection through personal experience. The architectural framework of the Canopy structure channeled the brand theme, connecting people to information. It unified the entire space, connecting the center atrium to bespoke product experience areas. The curvilinear walls lining the pop-up, combined with pockets of space, encouraged guests to flow freely, pausing at moments to interact with products and services organically. A series of highly-interactive, hands-on installations were conceived, designed and built for guests to take a participatory role in uncovering compelling product features. Guests’ interactions brought the space to life creating memorable experiences for each visitor. While the design leaned into a premium product positioning, the creative took care to incorporate hidden surprises and tasteful winks to the brand’s legacy of playfulness.


The pop-up reimagined a retail space as a responsive environment. Guests were greeted by a transparent OLED window installation that displayed brand messaging in response to movement. Inside, a central Canopy raised sight lines. The LED-enabled structure changed shades to give the illusion of breath – visualizing a digital ecosystem living within the physical world. A central installation made of 400 motorized blocks worked in concert to sense movement and displayed vivid patterns and messages.

One-to-one interactivity was carried into design vignettes used to tell complex product stories. In our reimagined kitchen bread popped from a toaster with a personalized message, a sphere of screens empowered guests to curate imagery through search, and a display of 1500 fiber-optic light strands offered a one-of-a-kind light-responsive photo opportunity.

Intentionally versatile, modular design accommodated diverse programming needs, housing panel discussions, workshops, and a live concert series. Responsive retail engagement – by design.


This space was the first fully-owned retail activation for this brand. We defined a new architectural language, as well as color and material palettes, balancing a premium presentation with the company’s playful personality. A series of highly-interactive installations enabled guests to learn, connect and play with new hardware in a creative, yet personal way. These interaction models served as pilots for retail demos for these new products. Surveys showed interest in the products tripled after visiting the space and the company sold out devices.

We saw more than 100,000 visitors - but the message of the brand and product stories reached far beyond the four walls of the pop-up. With media coverage from over 25 publications, press and outreach touched 150 countries, and generated more than 385 million media impressions. We brought the launch story to life and established the language for the company’s future in experiential retail.

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