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Mondelez Oreo collaborated with Alibaba Tmall, world’s biggest e-Commerce platform; launched the industry’s first-ever digital activation hosted on e-commerce platform “Oreo Colourfilled Campaign” during Tmall’s Super Brand Day in May 2016.

An e-Commerce activation campaign for consumers to customize their limited edition Oreo packaging through a fun-filled colouring with personalized message digital activation.

Fun and innovative digital engagement that allowed consumers to choose their preferred packaging theme design (travel, movie, music), designed by 3 famous Chinese graphic illustrators with choices of packaging colours and option to write their own message.

Alibaba Tmall rebuilt and customized their purchase & payment functions on Tmall with packaging personalization function supported by Tmall’s logistics system for a total seamless consumer experience so consumers could purchase their packs immediately after customization.

Consumer purchase journey was specially designed and simplified so each customized limited-edition Oreo pack gets delivered to consumers in just a few days!


To drive participation, Oreo engaged 3 famous Chinese graphic illustrators: Chun Guan, Sheng Huang, Yichen Ding to design the limited-edition packaging themes (travel, movie, music).

Each illustrator’s style is unique and created a set of graphic icons based on their respective themes. Yichen Ding used her famous social nickname Ding Xiao Dian into the design which got many of her social fans to purchase the special packaging.

And to promote engagement with purchase, implementation of the digital commerce activation needed to be creative yet simple, engaging and shareable, seamless and straightforward.

As campaign was hosted on, digital user experience needed to integrate with Tmall’s purchase journey. Tmall modified their interface by customizing Tmall’s purchase function to support Oreo’s packaging personalization function.

This allowed simpler user journey with fewer steps for consumers’ engagement with the campaign within Tmall site, without having to be at multiple external sites before a purchase.


13,000,000 unique visitors rushed into Oreo’s store during Tmall Super Brand Day, with 58,500,000 page views, it crashed Tmall’s server. It was down for 3 hours!

Mondelez Oreo effectively achieved tremendous sales results with 16 Oreo products sold every minute, more than 20,000 packs sold within the first 24 hours.

Achieved USD450K sales on first day of launch with USD1.2MM total sales in 3 days with 40,000 customized Oreo products sold, Oreo had successfully become #1 selling SKU on Tmall.

Many posted on WeChat moments showing off their customised packs. Wide social buzz reached more people to participate in the campaign. Earned social engagements were over 1.5 million.

Through this activation and partnership with Alibaba Tmall, Mondelez Oreo had pioneered in the biscuit industry in China, created industry’s first-ever fun new innovative way of shopping online!

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