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DHÉLET VMLY&R, Buenos Aires / AGEA / 2019

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Manu Ginobili is, for most Argentinians, the most important athlete of their history.

His retirement was a national shocking moment and monopolized the conversation.

Ole wanted to pay tribute to Manu, and join the conversation with a very powerful message.


The idea was to remove/retire page 20, leaving it in blank, to pay tribute to Manu Ginobili as San Antonio finally did when they retired his historical number 20 jersey


The target was the whole Argentinian sport lovers. They love Manu and they are Olé readers.


A couple of days after Manu Ginobili announced his retirement, when the whole conversation revolved around that, we published this idea, leaving the page 20 in blank and removing the number from the page.


The message was shared by thousands of people and spread all over the internet.

Media from San Antonio to China reproduced and mentioned the Page 20 idea.

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