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Pampers created the Golden Sleep campaign for the Chinese market, based on research showing babies slept better at night in high-absorbency disposable nappies, leading to improved cognitive development - a priority for Chinese moms.The integrated campaign used digital platforms to build Pampers’ brand equity in a market where disposables were not the norm. For the fourth Golden Sleep program in 2011/2012, the goal was to boost sales and brand share by strengthening the link between babies' ‘golden sleep’ and Pampers’ dryness.The hook was the Sleep Well to be Dragon campaign, connecting Pampers with the hot topic of China entering the Year of the Dragon in January 2012 - a particularly auspicious year for babies.Influential mom bloggers and baby care experts brought the Pampers’ Golden Sleep brand promise to life, and triggered 220,000+ moms to upload photos of sleeping babies for a world record attempt to create the biggest lantern dragon. In a discussion on Weibo (China’s Twitter), experts, journalists, opinion-makers and moms talked about babies’ sleep, and top Chinese mom bloggers demonstrated Golden Sleep tips.The campaign strengthened the link between Pampers and Golden Sleep, engaging and creating advocates out of hundreds of thousands of Chinese moms. It generated 307,000,000 digital and traditional media impressions, including 26 national TV reports and 825 pieces of print coverage. Pampers’ total brand exposure rate was more than 80%.The campaign triggered a 38% year-on-year increase in sales, and Pampers’ share of the highly-competitive Chinese nappy market grew.


• A discussion on Weibo (China’s Twitter) triggered more than 2,600,000 impressions, with experts, journalists and key opinion makers talking about babies’ sleep and new baby sleep research from the World Association of Sleep Medicine;• A top Chinese mom blogger demonstrated Golden Sleep tips and posted photos of her babies on her blog;• A social media campaign recruited moms to upload sleeping baby photos to Pampers’ website for the world record attempt;• The team created a special Chinese Education TV program that educated more than 1m moms about Golden Sleep and nappy dryness;• Continuous new content feeds maintained traditional and social media interest throughout the campaign.


• 73,737 moms advocated Pampers on digital platforms (comments and retweets);• 295 moms took part in the Weibo discussion on babies’ sleep, creating 2.6m PR impressions within 1 hour;• Tips/photos from the top mom blogger were retweeted 15,737 times;• 63m PR impressions via digital platforms, and 307m including traditional media, with 825 pieces of print coverage;• 26 national TV reports totalled 70 minutes;• The educational TV program created over 1m PR impressions (an hour online and 20 minutes on TV);• A 39m long by 13m high dragon made of 3,000 lanterns covered with photos uploaded by more than 220,000 moms broke the Guinness World Record in Beijing;• Pampers' total brand exposure rate was more than 80%;• The campaign triggered a 38% year-on-year increase in Pampers’ sales, and Pampers’ share of the highly-competitive nappy market in China grew.

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