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Moms are usually seen through a single lens: wholesome role models for their children. In reality, they’re much more multifaceted. Using this insight, we created a host of hard-partying moms, brought to life through a series of online videos. Shown in typical scenes of docile domesticity, our matriarchs transformed into slang-spewing party animals while recapping epic ragers from the night before, delivering unexpected and humorous millennial dialogue with flawless execution. From pre-gaming with the girls to swiping right for the delivery guy, twerking hard at a foam party to popping bottles in the pool, our #PartyHardMoms aren’t your typical moms… or are they? While the videos humorously take the notion of “Party Hard Moms” to the extreme in order to dramatize the strength of Hefty’s new crack-resistant cups, they are rooted in an insight rarely seen in typical CPG marketing-to-mom efforts.


Our humorous campaign combined bold writing, sassy slang-slinging moms and seasonal themes to drive continual engagement. Launched on video-ready platforms YouTube and Facebook, our crazy-talking moms gained viral popularity, and got the whole Internet speaking their language. The campaign easily spread across social media, thanks to its creativity and relatable content. The culturally relevant nature of the #PartyHardMoms campaign made it a hit with members of all generations, moms and their kids alike.


Our #PartyHardMoms were a viral success, earning press coverage in over 20 publications, amassing over 189MM impressions, landing Adweek’s “Ad of the Day,” and garnering thousands of social media shares. In addition, the videos were viewed 97MM times between Facebook and YouTube. The campaign succeeded in bringing Hefty into the cultural conversation and showing the brand’s sense of humor to old and new fans alike. In addition, it grew Hefty’s share of market in the cup segment by nearly 2% and helped grow distribution by 20%. By showing middle-agers speaking in teen vernacular, Hefty gave everyone, even moms, permission to party harder with their new crack-resistant party cup.

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