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Peri Beyond The Limits

ENERGY BBDO, Sao Paulo / REXONA / 2023

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Sponsors of Manchester City, Rexona asked us for an idea using the team’s and national Brazil team’s idol, Gabriel Jesus as an inspiration for the brand purpose: to make people move more and overcome their obstacles. Avoiding a traditional campaign, we set up a social project in the suburb where the player grew up, investing in infrastructure and training to give children and teens from the community in the remote outskirts of São Paulo City a better chance than Gabriel had to follow their dreams. The result is a platform for Rexona in the suburb of Jardim Peri and a concrete example of their brand purpose.


72% of young people abandon sport in their childhood due to a lack of incentive. To encourage children and teenagers to challenge their limits, Rexona - in partnership with Manchester City, the NGOs Institute Jardim Peri and Love.Fútbol and global specialists in development through sport - launched a revitalization program in Jardim Peri, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo - Brazil, investing in infrastructure and training for young people in the community where the Brazilian football idol Gabriel Jesus grew up. To launch the project, artists were invited to reimagine the graffiti mural of the player with faces of children from the community who benefited from the program to show that they can break limits.


Movement is central to the Rexona purpose. The brand has a global program for encouraging movement and sport in vulnerable communities, and using the story of Gabriel Jesus, a community idol, Rexona wanted to bring its purpose to life.

According to an Ipsos survey [1] of 29 countries, Brazil is bottom of the list in terms of physical activity: on average people here spend only three hours a week exercising, or half the world average.

Through the activity in Peri, we linked the ambassador with the brand purpose, inviting young people in the community to challenge their limits and offering structure for movement.

1. IPSOS, "Global views on exercise and team sports", 2021.


The film was launched on all the platforms on 31/05/22, and was carried on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter by Rexona, Manchester City and Gabriel Jesus. The launch strategy included teasers of the player talking about the difficulties he faced to realize his dream and the symbolism of the song he has tattooed on his chest, which links his story with those of the children assisted by the project. The engagement strategy mobilized Gabriel’s and Man City’s followers sufficiently to achieve the campaign visibility results with no media investment, just PR.


Through "Peri Além dos Limites" (“Peri Beyond the Limits”), we gained visibility through earned media and organic reach with zero investment in boosting the campaign. We exceeded 120MM in impacts and R$3.1MM in earned media. Altogether, 207 stories were told, and the clip appeared in 58 portals and sites, with 100% positive coverage in the press and 27 posts in media vehicles’ social networks.

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