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ENERGY BBDO, Sao Paulo / REXONA / 2023

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Rexona sponsored Big Brother Brazil 2023, our Brazilian “Super Bowl”. A program in which another 29 brands take part, among them Amstel, Pantene, Avon, Coca Cola and McDonald's. Brazil’s biggest reality show, and now considered the world’s top show for engagement, with 278 million tweets for the 2020 season. So we needed to be different and to construct a functional product message, which normally produces a low level of engagement, without interrupting such a popular entertainment program. Achieving this objective in an engaging manner, and striking a chord with the show’s viewers, was a challenge that required a disruptive format which would be entertaining for the viewers and something they could relate to.


The 72-hour party. We created an engaging and innovative media format for BBB, presenting our message of “72 hours’ advanced protection” engagingly and in a manner that the viewers could relate to. And this was not just any party: we brought Carnival to the program, Brazilians’ favorite celebration which is famous as a party lasting for several days. There were so many attractions that it seemed to be one more festival. One of them was Anitta, a world-renowned signer, Rexona ambassador and one of the most keenly anticipated artists on the program: fans have been tirelessly calling for her participation for years. And as happens in Carnival, we put the contestants in a dance marathon: the Rexona party lasted for three whole days, with dry armpits thanks to our 72-hour formula. As long as the party lasted, so did our protection.


Rexona's key objective was to reinforce its superiority in performance and communicate the benefits of “72 hours’ advanced protection”. We had to do this while promoting the cultural relevance of the brand, generating talkability and qualified impact, without sacrificing the consistency of the message and the innovation. To achieve this, we created an alliance with BBB, the show with the greatest cultural impact on Brazilian TV, leader in network chats and creator of trends and micro cultural moments. For three and a half months we had high-impact media on several fronts, looking to achieve massive reach and high message retention to boost awareness and consideration, such as Open TV, Online Video and social media, combined with an innovative content and high-visibility activations on the show, which gave us qualified, uninterrupted access to a broad, diverse audience (AS ABCDE 18+).


Rexona created an innovative, engaging media format by holding a 72-hour party with live activation for consecutive days, from January 18 to 20, on Big Brother Brazil. This was something never done before on the program, during its 23-year history, bringing Carnival early and introducing top Brazilian artists on the reality show with the highest audience ratings in the country. We were on open TV and the pay-per-view channels, and we amplified everything that was happening on the show through influencers and real-time content on our social networks and on news sites.


Brazil went crazy: the three days of the Rexona stunt had more viewers than usual for BBB, with an average of 29 million watching our activation each day. Our party was the one most talked about this season, including the unbranded ones: we had six times more mentions on Twitter than the others. We got into the top 3 Trending Topics with two hashtags related to the event. Our engagement rate on social networks was 8 times greater than our average for the previous year. And we also achieved 23% more sales than on Black Friday during the 72 hours’ activation. Earned media was more than 4.7 million. And more importantly, the tweets showed that viewers got the message that only Rexona 72 hours’ advanced protection could protect you for a party lasting 72 hours.

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