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CARAT, London / PHILIPS / 2012







Through Universal Music we gained access to their back catalogue of jazz and classical music and created unique content featuring iconic talent recordings and discussions around their own obsession with music.Then we worked with The Economist to take the Obsessed with Sound experience to 8.6 million affluent consumers through a combination of owned social media, editorial, promotions and paid advertising. When the users landed on our branded Economist hub, they also downloaded an Obsessed with Sound media player to enjoy the high quality jazz and classical tracks and content, leading to hours of brand engagement. The consumer journey was further enhanced with targeted media buys on Facebook driving more than 175K new fans to Philips social pages.By partnering with Amazon we were able to target our users based on their music and iPod purchasing habits and to unlock priceless sales drivers like Amazon’s famous ‘deal of the week’.


With an overall investment that could otherwise hardly fund a light-weight TV campaign, our 3-way Obsessed with Sound partnership solution delivered:•UK Unit sales up 783%•UK Traffic to brand e-store up 968%•600,000 minutes of global premium brand engagement•175,000 new global Facebook Philips Sound fans (up by 300%)•Reached 8.6 million global affluent users

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