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WMcCANN, Sao Paulo / COCA-COLA / 2019

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Coca-Cola is a brand that always looks for new ways to engage young people and play a meaningful role in their lives. With the launch of the new Coca-Cola No Sugar, this necessity became even more significant, since we also needed to stimulate trial and familiarity with the product. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola also established a global partnership with Marvel Studios. The licensing of Avengers: Endgame brought the possibility to use loved and recognized heroes and villains. It was a great opportunity to come up with something unexpected that would surprise both Coca-Cola and Marvel fans.


Pin Tabs transformed the pull tabs of the Coca-Cola cans into a media for the first time. Bringing ready-to-use pins perfect to customize pieces of clothing and accessories. Just open the can and that’s it. Now, Coca-Cola doesn’t just have a new idea. It has a platform that can be used and play a meaningful role on countless campaigns and activations.


With the partnership with Marvel Studios established, it was clear that no other moment would be better to launch Pin Tabs than the Avengers: Endgame premiere. We knew that our core audience of Marvel fans would attend it and share all things related, while being closed followed by those who would watch the movie later. As Cinemark, Brazil’s largest movie chain, is a Coca-Cola Key Account, we were able to distribute the special cans in the opening of the movie and people already started to post their pins on social media. With this approach, Pin Tabs quickly gone viral and massively shared. In the following day, influencers received a kit with the collection and posted it organically. So, we created a huge expectation for the sales opening in Coca-Cola’s e-commerce. This led to a sold out of 6,000 units in just half an hour.


Since the cans are naturally subjected to special conditions as moisture and low temperatures, the pins needed to be carefully made. So, in addition to the development according to the can the specifications, we used zamak steel to implement Pin Tabs with quality and durability. Our timeline starts with the launch at the Avengers: Endgame premiere, which was amplified with a release video in Coca-Cola social media channels. On the following day, the placement continued with a kit containing the 12 pins being handled to influencers. They posted it organically and contributed to pin tabs getting 56 million impressions on social media on the first day. This led to the expectation regarding the sales opening in Coca-Cola’s e-commerce, where the 6,000 units were sold out in just half an hour.


Pin Tabs quickly became a hit among young people and a collectible item among everybody that loves Marvel and Coca-Cola. On the launch, simultaneous with the movie premiere, we got 56 million impressions just on social media and people started to flood the channels of the brand wanting to know how to put their hands on the special edition. This led to a record week regarding the conversations in all Coca-Cola channels, including social media, e-mails and even phone calls. They rose by 288% in comparison to the previous week, a fantastic response rate. Once the sales were open, 6,000 people were able to get their Pin Tabs and experience a change in the behavior of opening a Coca-Cola. Now you just need to open the can to get a pin ready to be placed on any piece of clothing or accessory.

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