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Powering Matt Formston's Olympic Dream with Optus


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The objective of this campaign was to win a Paralympic Gold medal. To do this, we had to change how one athlete measured his performance. There are many high-tech, performance trackers on the market. These make a real difference to athletes during their training – they can ensure they are maintaining a certain heartrate; a particular power; they are able to see their speed and review their performance while performing. This can make a real difference to their results.

Despite the ubiquity of these apps on the market, there is a whole group of people who are unable to use these resources.

Matt Formston is one of these people. He holds a World Record for Para-Cycling, and has been picked to participate in Rio this year. He also has Macular Degeneration, giving him incredibly limited vision.


By hacking the signal given off by his high performance pedals, we were able to transfer data to a custom interface. This included pertinent information like heart rate, pedal rate and power.

Due to his limited vision, Matt needed a larger sized screen than traditional performance equipment had. We used a combination of UX, design and tech to enable him to track his performance at a glance, even as he cycles.