Cannes Lions

Quiet Revolution

MJZ, Los Angeles / GMC / 2020

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The film intentionally uses a black and white base and creates tension by purposefully allowing low saturation colors to come alive to the viewer, creating separation and individuality to the unique subjects and mini stories within the film. Crafted camera movement juxtaposes more static framings at higher frame rates against the freneticism and beauty of subjects moving at a more rapid pace. It is this push and pull that mirrors the origin story of the vehicle yet to be seen. Galloping horses become a scene displaying fluidity, power, and grace. A drag strip motorbike alone on a track becomes a visceral moment of speed and precision. Subtle movement of the camera’s subjects is enhanced with shutter angle. Finally, Lebron James is tracked alone with a beautiful and isolating single source lighting scheme on a basketball court as he rises up for a powerful yet graceful dunk

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