Cannes Lions


WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland / SECRET / 2016







Our hero, Lucy, stands in front of the office bathroom mirror preparing to ask her boss for a raise. She is armed with the knowledge that her male counterpart makes more money than she does. As Lucy experiments with her rationale and voice, she is interrupted by the flush of a toilet.

Lucy is embarrassed. She goes silent and averts her eyes as the older woman who had flushed the toilet stands next to her, washing her hands. The tension is palpable. The uncomfortable silence is finally broken when the older woman encourages Lucy to “Do it!”

Lucy’s confidence is stoked. And supers build: “Stress Test # 4528. At three o’clock Lucy does her part to close the wage gap.” Cut to Secret Clinical Strength in situ and with the VO and super “Secret. Stress-tested for women.”

This launched the campaign a day before Equal Pay Day in the United States.

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