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Return to Shanghai

W, Shanghai / ALIBABA / 2018

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In Summer 2018 (May- Mid June), Youku (Alibaba Entertainment) produced a TV show called "Women in Shanghai". Our job was to create a theme song that highly related to the story and engage the audience. Our low budget limits the big production but challenged us to tell the story in our own words and really touch people. The objective was to write a song based on real UGC.


The theme song #Return to Shanghai# production timeline: February - April, 2018

Media placement in #Women in Shanghai# timeline: May - Late June, 2018

The project #Return to Shanghai# set a new benchmark in using UGC content as a self-branding music video.

2018 CNY (January 29 - February 08) Our employees recorded empty views of the city 2018 Early February - Invitation from popular singer Huiyuan Meng to collaborate.

2018 Mid February - production of the film and the song by our music partner - StreetVoice and our in-house producers.

2018. May 01 - MV released in Women in Shanghai as theme song. 3.3 M + views for earned media. 1.64 M single played. 110,000 conversations and comments on social media.

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