Reverse Poems: Compulsive Gambling


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About 20.5 Million Germans suffer from or are close to an addiction. This leaves a lot to do for addiction help institution “Blue Cross”. Yet, too few of these people know about the Blue Cross. Our brief was to change this. In particular, we should increase traffic on the website as well as the number of people who actually seek help at the Blue Cross. Since the campaign budget was small, we had to come up with a creative idea, that had enough impact to give rise to a lot of awareness for the Blue Cross. Our solution was the Reverse Poems campaign.


We soon realized that reverse poems can perfectly capture the negative side of addiction and the positive side of recovery in one and the same text. Thus showing the two paths that one and the same life can take. Then, we worked on the details to make the impact even stronger. By using different styles of the whole font family, we made the typography become more fragile and weaker when read top-down and stronger and bolder when read bottom-up. We combined the texts with illustrations that were adequately adapted to the respective addiction. And each illustration was based on a unique interpretation of the mechanics of the Reverse Poems.

Those two elements were the core of the design. Therefore, everything else was as reduced as possible.

We decided to use only horizontal formats to give copywriting and illustration the space they deserve.

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