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The state of Maharashtra, has been plagued with water crisis for many years. Each year the problem worsens. Water scarcity leads to low crop yield, leading to low income. In fact, many Farmers commit suicide as they cannot make ends meet. While there is water scarcity, the usage of water in any household does not decrease.

On an average 38% of water used in a household is for laundry alone. Unilever took on the cause of water conservation. Rin detergent powder was relaunched with “smart foam technology” that helped reduce water usage by HALF in the rinsing stage.

Our objective was to raise awareness around water conservation and how every individual can contribute towards this cause.


Dhobhi ghat at Mumbai is the largest open-air laundromat in the world, where everyday about 7,000 laundry men wash about 0.1Mn clothes using their hands. Dhobi Ghat has garnered Guinness Book of World Records entry under ‘most people hand-washing clothes at a single location’ in 2011. This proved to be the most apt platform to bring our activation alive.

We replaced their regular detergent with Rin detergent powder. The dhobhi’s were asked to follow their normal routine of washing clothes. At the end of activation, we measured & compared the amount of water used with rin v/s other detergent. Dhobhi’s together saved about 500Lts of water in one single day.

We captured this process ina film & put it across av platforms. This acted as an inspiration to general masses that if dhobhi’s who belong to lowest strata of society can contribute & bring a change, then so can everyone.

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