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THJNK, Hamburg / REWE / 2017

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The REWE organic avocado is a Hass avocado. This very popular type of

avocado is recognizable by its dark skin which becomes even darker with

increasing ripeness. It tastes best when the skin is really black. But not too

black either.


To show the customers when the avocados have the ideal ripening

color, we used the simplest advertising medium in the world in an innovative

way: a sticker. As soon as the avocado reaches the color of the sticker, it is

ready to eat.


"The waiting, the squeezing, the smelling, the disappointments come to an end.

Thanks to a sticker. REWE customers can now already see how ripe the

avocados are in the supermarket. Plus, the sticker is also helpful at home, as

avocados keep on riping. This way, the label does not only help to determine

the ideal eating time, but also displays when the point of ripeness is exceeded

and the avocado is spoilt."

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