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Rolling with the Champion

UNINTERRUPTED, Los Angeles / UBER / 2018


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Bringing together these NBA superstars for a video is rare - to capture them speaking up on race, politics, and timely topics relevant to today's Americans is unheard of. By providing a safe, relaxing environment while driving through LeBron's hometown of Akron, the companies ensured the ride felt non-evasive, letting deep, transparent and honest conversations flow authentically for 17-minutes.

Created during a vital time in which the black community is making their voices heard in an inspiring way we've never seen, it was clear a conversation on politics, racism and inequality was needed. In the piece, and amplification across multiple platforms, LeBron and Kevin leveraged their "celebrity status" to break down barriers and raise awareness of the injustice happening in the world and confirming the fact that they will not be silenced.

Additionally, the ride share's multi-destination functionality was showcased organically to connect LeBron, Kevin and Cari's journey to Akron.


The interview was filmed in Akron, OH the night before the Warriors would play the Cavaliers in their final game of the regular season. The ride share was driven around the city as the superstars had their authentic conversation just as they would in the back of any car together.

Two days before NBA All-Star Weekend, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Cari Champion teased content to their 137M fans, before exposing the series the day of the release.

Once released on the digital media company's platforms, the day before All-Star Weekend, sports, news, and other media outlets amplified the piece through earned media. The piece created an enormous buzz, changing dialogue from discussing projected team winnings to the social conversation about racial justice and inclusion.

Once All-Star weekend was underway, paid media was purchased across television and digital media including the All-Star Game itself, driving fans to the full feature.


The authenticity and candor from the all-stars led to the widely-spread national cultural movements: #IAmMoreThanAnAthlete and #IWillNotShutUpAndDribble becoming the voice for the voiceless. It's the most important sports and culture video of the year, with over 5B media impressions and 5k articles written.

When a political news host criticized the interview, it became the most talked about story of NBA All-Star Weekend. During the Sunday night game, the TVC outperformed the Winter Olympics by 50% amongst millennials.

"Rolling with the Champion" had 127.1 views, 618.8K engagements and 127.2M impressions. LeBron, Kevin and Cari's social following accounted for 24k retweets and 1.6M likes.

In addition to the engagement and earned media, the ride share's brand halo showed a lift in favorability related to exposure to the campaign. Specifically, 6% lift in favorability from 42% (control) to 48% (exposed). Twitter: 8% lift in favorability from 33% (control) to 41% (exposed).

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