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In 2020, Samsung Global Mobile unveiled two of its new Galaxy flagship products Note20 and S21. The campaigns also included products that completed the Galaxy ecosystem line-up, creating a holistic campaign including Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Watches, and Galaxy Tab.

The brief and objective were to create distinct campaigns for the two launches and elevate the overall Samsung Mobile Visual Identity System. This task required us to solve the overarching visual principles that can extend across the entire mobile product line while delivering distinct and target-specific solutions to convey each product’s characteristics and concepts that can unite each campaign as a single story.

The project's scale included visual strategy, all product key-visuals, animations, features, out-of-home and online advertising, stewardship on digital development for both desktop and mobile, consideration for retail environments, as well as launch guidelines and adaptation needs for Samsung regions around the globe.


How to elevate Samsung Mobile’s brand perception while continuously reinventing the key-visual, a rectangle, is a consistent challenge on flagship devices and for each product launch. To conquer this challenge, we immersed ourselves in our understanding of the target audiences while developing a visual strategy that can accomplish the task.

Our creative process began by discovering the product story that can drive and sustain the entire launch, from what will entice at the teaser phase to what will support the product life span.

We anchored our effort in promoting product beauty and desirability, from the fast-paced, multitasking consumers for Note20, to the camera and tech-savvy audience for S21. We focused on elevating Samsung’s product design by amplifying the product itself, the unique device characteristics, color, and materiality from product to product. The result created a consistent look and feel and reinforced Samsung Mobile’s brand presence.


With total integration in mind, from teaser to the sustain campaign, pre-launch to post-launch, static to motion, print to digital, desktop, mobile to retail, with global reach and across demographics.

A color story for Note20, “Mystic Bronze,” inspired all creative solutions and united products within the same launch. With just a single paint drop, the Unpacked invitation hinted at what was to come, key-visuals heroing the device's power and beauty followed, with features and lifestyle supporting the product's lifespan.

The new contour-cut camera is the hero for S21, with black and violet as the connective tissue. The visual strategy anchored every execution, from teasing the camera shape, to expanding the full story, each time reinforcing the new design and camera superiority.

The 2020 campaign delivered product truths, connected with consumers, both elevating the brand and meeting marketing needs.


The result was a visually impactful and coherent visual identity system that elevated brand perception despite Covid-19. Delivering a 2% rise in brand value from USD 61.1 billion in 2019, to USD 62.3 billion in 2020; its largest-ever brand value. Impressively, Samsung Electronics rose to the number five position on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2020 list.

Additionally, based on early 2021 data, Galaxy S21 Series has generated positive responses and has sold 30% more than its predecessors.

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