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Located at Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross, Samsung KX is a one-of-a-kind brand showcase nestled in the dynamism of London. Here, visitors can interact with Samsung innovations and discover their own creativity with digital tools. Samsung KX hosts fun collaborations with local artists and community, pioneering unique digital culture.Samsung KX lets people create, socialize, and express their passions freely through culture and art. The venue is unique, from its heritage design to thoughtful fit-out, and creative programing.


"Our approach to Samsung showcase was to make each showcase a one-of-a-kind destination. Drawing inspirations from the city in which it resides, the identity, space and experiences for each showcase would be designed differently with a same core principle: fuse Samsung with local uniqueness.

Samsung KX being the first showcase to open in the world, we needed a way to effectively communicate our approach for following showcases to be built around the world, such as Frankfurt and Mumbai.

Because not one showcase would be built a-like, usual guidelines were not necessary.

Instead, we made a book that visually narrates overall experience at Samsung KX, documenting the inspirations to executions that went in to create a one-of-a-kind experience and destination."


"KX Vision Book comprehensively documents the strategic and design approaches and visually narrates overall experience at Samsung KX.

It is comprised of 3 chapters:

The first chapter introduces authentic London, capturing intimate moments in a vibrant city with rich heritage and dynamic contemporary cultural scene. It depicts how we drew visual and cultural inspirations from London for the overall identity, space and experience at Samsung KX. 

The second chapter how the inspirations were realized inside Samsung KX. It showcases what’s happening in an open space filled with Samsung Connected living technology and unique digital programs that speak to London’s layers of history, art, music, fashion and design.

Third chapter dissects design elements of Samsung KX, providing useful guidelines on how to apply and adapt each design elements for Samsung showcases.



"It was an ambitious and challenging mission for a giant corporate like Samsung, to create 
a new one-of-a-kind retail space that continuously evolves while staying consistent and true to its original brand. Communicating the core creative strategy and attentive design sensibility behind Samsung KX was a key to success, instead of providing strict and rigid stewardship.

KX Vision Books were placed inside Samsung KX and distributed to internal stakeholders.

Another brand showcase follows to be built in Mumbai, India. It will be yet another one-of-a-kind cultural destination, as unique as Samsung KX, but carrying consistent core principle; fusing Samsung with Local uniqueness.


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