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#SamsungStories Instagram Project

LUZ, Milan / SAMSUNG / 2017

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We ideate two different storylines to be developed on Instagram, one for each of the product categories that the brand wants to promote (home appliance and mobile), and we select diverse and specific Instagram influencer’s profiles to interpret them. All the stories talk about the Instagram authors’ daily life and are subtly placed in the author’s feed, in order for their audience to believe in the authenticity of the content. For the home appliances two authors tell the story of a young hippy-chic family and of a successful mum and architect keen on design, highlighting respectively the product’s ecological benefits and its superior design. For the mobile category, six young Authors interpret on their profiles how they daily experience unexpected pleasures. More specifically for this category, the design features and colors of the product match the personality of each selected Author.


- Implementation of the PR activities

Having selected the authors, an editorial calendar is established to plan the number of posts that each author has to publish and to establish the subject, the delivery and posting date for each post. The brand can choose between four different versions of the same post to be published on the author’s profile. The calendar is planned so that different authors never have to post on the same date.

- Timeline

The activations started when the relative product was launched. “Home appliance” activation started at the beginning of 2016 and lasted 9 months; the “Mobile” activation started in November 2016 and will continue until May 2017.

- Scale

The authors are chosen according to the topics they talk about, their follower base and their profiles engagement rate.


Media Outputs:

For the whole project, the interest of the author’s followers in the posted content has been constant and comments report positive attitudes toward the topics dealt with and toward the product and brand placement.

Overall, the 43 posts of the “Home Appliance” activation reaches 26,179 Instagram users and receives a total of 10,980 interactions.

Comments on both Authors’ posts are in total 611; the comments also regard sustainability, education, children growth, design and creativity, other than the product benefits.

The total number of people reached for the 41 posts made for the “Mobile” activation is 399,600 with 73,384 interactions.

Target Audience Outcomes:

As far as the Home Appliance activation is concerned, of all the 611 comments, 15 are explicitly referred to the product, most of them talk about the functionality and design of the product, or ask for more information, and 2 comments express the audience’s purchase intention.

As for the Mobile activation, of all the 1,747 comments, 27 are about the product. Most comments cite the design, aesthetics and high quality of the product, or ask for more information about it; more specifically, 2 comments express willingness to buy.

Business Outcomes

The average engagement rate of the posts produced for the project is 2.8% for Home Appliance and 3.2% for Mobile compared with an AER of 2.3% as states

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