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Sean’s Kitchen takes the viewer from the paddocks of South Australia to the streets of New York city.

In this series Chef Sean Connolly is moments away from opening Sean’s Kitchen at Sky City’s Adelaide Casino, which is a ‘New York Bistro’, celebrating the food of New

Yorks diverse immigrants. To ensure his menus authenticity we travel to New York where he explores rich cultures, visits well-known Chefs, and immerses himself in designing a menu for his restaurant back home.

Each episode starts in South Australia where Sean sources the best produce in the varying regions. Sean’s passion for local and seasonal produce is high on the priority list visiting growers, farmers, and produce suppliers. He then takes local produce to New York to cook local dishes with SA produce to be tasted by locals.

Back in Sean's Kitchen it all comes together, completing his New York menu in Australia!


We had a strict timeline to adhere to because of the construction of Sean's Kitchen. Based on the opening in 2015, we worked backwards, and shot the series to tell the stories against the backdrop of the restaurant opening.

Connecting all the relevant parties to fund the series wasn't easy, but once filming started it happened naturally, and by the end people were asking if they could be part of it. The scale of the entire was quite small, using a skeleton crew to film in New York, and Adelaide. The entire budget for the six episodes through brand funding was only AUS$275K. Production was tight. This meant that our resolve was strong to make an awesome show.

Local Broadcaster Channel 7 were first to come on board to show the series, and it was also backed by Flame Distribution who also sold the series to New Zealand and Asia.


The series when it aired in Australia in 2015 it had a cumulative reach of over one million viewers. This didn't include catch up TV, or online views, but simply broadcast views. It was rerun in South Australia mid 2015, and reached a further 400K. The series was then sold to New Zealand and Asia through different Broadcasters, and continues to be viewed, and offered for sale through a wide range of territories.

The success of the show led to another series being commissioned in 2016 which is filming in Adelaide and Austin Texas. Sean's Kitchen restaurant has benefited greatly from this minimal marketing spend, turning over up to 800 tables a day for lunch and dinner, and still maintaining their integrity of quality service. They have been nominated for numerous awards, and are widely recognised as a must see restaurant when visiting Adelaide via South Australian Tourism Commission.

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