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As an iconic brand associated to optimism, Coca-Cola has forever invited people to think and act positively, issuing messages culturally relevant for each moment in history.

The objective was becoming the voice of an optimistic message, one culturally relevant for the world in these tough times.

To achieve it, a global investigation was conducted where fear and lack of trust in others were identified as the dominant tensions of today’s world. People perceive the stranger as a potential enemy instead of as a potential friend.

Our strategy was to attack this perception/trend with an idea that offered consistent and irrefutable arguments, showing a different point of view of reality.

We needed to demonstrate that everything is not as bad as it seems, or as bad the communication media may say it is.

How? By showing the other part of reality, also captured in security cameras. For 6 months, security cameras footage from different places in the world were checked, collecting images and acts of generosity and goodness from real life. This experimental work, different from the classic Coca-Cola TV spot, was compiled into a video. In a first stage, the brand uploaded it to the web to enable people who agreed with the message to express it and share it.

The relevance of the idea became evident in the following:

. Only days after its web debut, when it hadn’t yet been aired, millions had seen it with very positive commentaries regarding the idea and its message.

. TED listed it as a top 10 idea from around the world inspiring people to believe in the human race.

. First ever LATAM spot aired during the SuperBowl. Seen by 108.7 million people. Most voted spot of the audience on NFL’s official website. Despite having cost 5 times less than the average production for the event.

. On TV -to date- in over 40 countries and 3 continents. In the web, in all continents.

. 1,141 total mentions - to date - in national/international media with a circulation of 543,139,130 people. AdValue estimate: u$s11.813.276.

. An adaptation was aired in support of “Peace One Day”: A non-profit organization that made the member countries of the UN, unanimously adopt the first global day of cease fire and “non violence”, declaring Peace Day, Sep 21st of every year.

. It reached the 1st place in AdCritic, AdWeek and BestAdsOnTv and collected awards in ad festivals from around the world.

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