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“See you again, Kathmandu”-- Baidu’s recovery program for monuments in Nepal.

BLUEDIGITAL, Beijing / BAIDU / 2016

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Baidu created a digital reduction platform of Nepal ancient buildings after Nepal earthquake, motivated by technology and systemized by crowd sourcing.

Baidu successfully achieved its goal in virtual restoration of Nepal ancient buildings in a very short time by stimulating the national attention, participation and sharing.

The technology used in the campaign is called "Panoramic Photo Tour" which covers large data analysis, 3D modeling, intelligent path planning and other cutting-edged technologies. The technology now only belongs to Baidu and Google in the worldwide, which fully proves Baidu's technical strength.

Also, Baidu accomplished a Technology and Public brand sublimation, narrowed the distance between its technology and the public. So the technology was brought back from altar.


The campaign is of urgencies. Earth quake happened suddenly but development of this product needed time and the golden time for promotion was critical. Finishing a project is far away from being able to promote it.

We choose to declare the beginning of the events in Wechat, and make the H5 activities for users to upload photos or get the progress of the activities.

With the advantages of the Baidu's media platform, popularize the content of the project to PC terminal and mobile terminal users through Baidu news, Baidu bar and the other Baidu star media productions.

Focus on communicating photography and tourism resources to get verbal spreading. Meanwhile, joint the vertical science and technology sites for spreading the content of the activities to technology enthusiasts.

In the end, we received more than 40 thousand pictures from internet users, successfully restoring 8 ancient buildings within 8 day after its launch. Many domestic and foreign media actively reported the campaign and highly appreciated it.


1. This campaign gained wide attention from the public. There was over 200 thousand PV 8 days after this activity set up. More than 40 thousand pictures from internet users helped to restore 8 ancient buildings, which exceeded expectation.

2. While this campaign aimed at domestic audience, widespread communication can be found on overseas social media. Spontaneous reports by domestic and overseas media largely broadened spread range.

3. This activity was highly appreciated by trans-boundary key opinion leaders in photography and religion fields.

4. There is no negative comment on this campaign, which is rare in technology marketing cases all around the world.

5. World-wide media actively connected with Baidu to report this activity, which stimulated curiosity of the public and media. So the technological spread effects exceeded expectation.

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