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LEDOUZE, Paris / GE-DAKO / 2016

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We wanted to propose something new for our targets, in terms of digital experience. At the opening of the website, radiologist first discover the trailer, giving them a real promise : "Do 3D images at the same low dose than a 2D"

Then, radiologist can discover step by step all the new features of the system, with interactions : with or without / before after / videos & animations / zooms etc.

Last but not least, the possibility to request a real demonstration in less than 72H, from anywhere in the US !


We have developed the website in HTML 5 / CSS 3 and Javascript to be as performant as possible and responsive as well on tablets and smartphones with the same experience.

In addition, we have developed an iPad App with a 3D realtime engine, so that radiologists can play with the medical system (features, movements, positions, etc.) to have a better idea of any possibilities.

The responsive website and the app have been created in 5 weeks and released for the US market, the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Japan as well.


The campaign was a full success, with incredible results for the sector, in few weeks.

+83 200 organic views of the trailer

+97 800 unique visitors on the website

+ 87% of reopening rate of the App

+35 machine's upgrades in less than 6 months, so the equivalent of several millions of dollars

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