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DDB STOCKHOLM, Stockholm / MCDONALD'S / 2017

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During the current crisis, Sweden has welcomed more refugees per capita than any other European country. This has put a strain on society, dividing an already divided labour market and making integration the topic that worries Swedes the most. McDonald’s is Sweden’s biggest youth employer and also the most integrated workplace in the country with 12 000 employees representing over 100 nationalities. McDonald’s knows that integration is possible, in fact it’s a part of their success.


Show McDonald’s role in Swedish society as the country’s biggest youth employer and most integrated workplace.


Increase brand preference and trust for McDonald’s as a responsible employer. Make more young people apply for jobs.


We see young Swedes from different walks of life packing their bags and leaving their homes. A voice over tells us that "in uniform we're all equal". The youngsters travel by bus, bicycle, train and cars. They're all heading towards a common goal. The voice over tells us that "for generations, we've taught hundreds of thousands of Swedes the importance of self-discipline, team spirit and cooperation" as we see the youngsters changing into uniform.

VO: "And guess what, that's tuned out to be the recipe for diversity, integration..."

Cut to the youngsters walking through a corridor, revealing they're dressed in McDonald's uniforms.

VO: "and really tasty burgers."

We see them working together as a team in a fast paced kitchen environment.


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McDonald's Sweden


The national campaign's all parts (tv, cinema, web documentaries, print, OOH, DOOH, some, banners, YT influencers) led to where visitors could apply for jobs and read an inspirational report aimed at stake holders, journalists and politicians based on a comprehensive employee survey. In the report, McDonald's also shared the "McDonald's Model", the company's way of getting a diversified and young workplace to work in practice. All to inspire more companies to embrace our way of leading and educating young people. After the launch of the campaign, McDonald's invited representatives from Sweden's largest parties to a parliamentary seminar on the important role of business as a tool for integration.

In order to increase the internal pride, all the participants in the campaign (except the guests) were true McDonald's employees. “Do Donken” started running in may and is ongoing.

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