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This campaign was aired in 90 countries on the Discovery Channel, across all continents except North America (where Shell Helix does not operate as a brand). For this reason, it is difficult to describe the current situation particular to any one market.

We thus adhered to OFCOM regulations globally as these are the strictest regulations and ensured broadcast in every territory globally. Following OFCOM regulations, we were able to show Shell Helix branding inside the programme, for example the logo appears on the side of the car throughout the programme. There are situations in the programme, in each of the three episodes, where we feature and speak about the oil and the role of the oil.

Discovery Channel has also ensured that the places where motor oil features blend in with the storyline, rather than just appear as many times as possible.


Shell and Discovery promoted the programme with 'trails' across the network weeks before broadcast and through own websites, masthead of featured a huge space to promote the programme.

A custom YouTube channel acted as a 'hub' for bonus content. Audiences were directed to the channel via interactive digital media and through Shell’s own mobile apps.

Mobile space was home to an interactive driving challenge, forming part of a larger gaming experience – the Shell Helix Global Promotion. Running on, players in participating markets stood the chance of winning an extreme driving trip of their own to South Africa.


Given that the programme has been aired between March and April, it is early days as far as results go. Initial results suggest that the programme has performed above or in-line with the day part average on Discovery.

The premiers have performed above, or in-line with, daypart average in 11 (out of 19) measured markets. Of the 8 markets where premiers have underperformed; 4 have seen the repeats perform above daypart average. Premiers have performed particularly strongly in UK (+67%), Sweden (+26%), Finland (+226%) and Chile (+44%).

Repeats have performed particularly strongly in Norway (+77%), Denmark (+66%), Finland (+90%), Brazil, (+51%) and Chile (+146%).

Across the measured markets; Driven To Extremes has so far reached 12.5 million viewers. Reach has also been impressive in markets where the performance has been below daypart average; Germany (1,984,000), Netherlands (659,000), Argentina (505,000) and India (2,470,000).

YouTube hits have crossed 4 million, and are growing. The full scale of the impact, however, will be known once the tracking scores for the brand come in, later in the year.

Apparently motor oil is quite the conversation starter after all…

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