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SHELL LIKE, London / SHELL / 2017

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We created the world’s first ever mass scale in car payment system, in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover.

Once a customer drives on-site the app can be activated through the infotainment screen as it recognizes the site and the pumps available using GPS. Customers only need a phone signal as we have wifi on each site. In just five touches, Shell/JLR customers with the Shell app can use their in-car touchscreen to select the pump they are next to and the amount of fuel then securely pay using PayPal or ApplePay. Once fuelling is complete a receipt is displayed on the touchscreen, so the driver can be confident the transaction has been successful. A receipt is also sent to the driver’s email address.

The entire experience means that drivers will never need to leave the vicinity of their car. It can all be done from one screen. The 5th screen.


The challenge for Connected Car was how do you do secure Payments from the dashboard when the payment security is on the phone with products like Apple Pay. CarPlay offers no solution as payment is not integrated to Apple products.

We needed to think about how you can pay without putting the code into the Dashboard. The answer was right in front of us. Use the mobile app with inbuilt GPS, remote control capability and on-site wifi Shell already had. It was quick to implement as we did not have to build a new app on the car dash – and it could be integrated easily within Jaguar Land Rover’s native UI (known for its simplicity). Most importantly it felt like a natural extension of the driving experience – like turning on the radio or programming the Sat Nav.

As the app already has a roadmap and is in place in 30 countries – we have a platform that can be scaled quickly. Additionally, it is not just restricted to new Jaguars or Land Rovers. Any vehicle from 2014 with the InControl app technology installed can benefit.

Today, we are live in over 1000+ UK stations with plans to


This is a world first. To date, use cases in the connected car space have been limited to transforming the experience ‘in-car’ – and concentrated mainly on entertainment. Not even Google, Apple or Amazon have launched a product in this space.

Whilst we are at the beginning of our journey, we have already achieved a reach of 112.7m with an estimated PR value of $11.1m. We’ve had 28 mentions of this revolutionary technology on TV culminating in airtime of 1 hour 20 minutes.

Although the technology is restricted to Jaguar Land Rover and the UK for now, 2017 sees us expand into other markets, increasing our reach exponentially. Beyond that we have other strategic alliances in plan with other OEMs.

A word from our customers…

‘It’s transformed stopping. I feel more like I’m in a pit lane, than in a petrol station’

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