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When Clube Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell was first introduced it was the only program of its kind. Recently competitors Petrobras and Ipiranga launched loyalty initiatives. Shell saw an opportunity to increase engagement with an audience that was not well compensated, highly educated or professionally recognized.

The company re-tooled its relationship program, based on extensive field research, to better understand truckers’ lifestyles and needs. Interactive elements and highly engaging activities spoke directly to their desire for a better quality of life, offering companionship and “esprit de corps” to a profession that badly needed both.


The creative execution positioned Clube Irmão as a trusted companion for truckers, one that listened to and understood their needs, and was dedicated to improving their quality of life. According to one driver, “The name is perfect. After all, these things are truly brotherly!”

Direct contact channels included:

-Direct mail.

-Mobile text messaging offering practical tips -- such as reminders about driving license expiration dates -- along with seasonal celebratory greetings on Father’s Day, Truck Driver’s Day and Christmas.

-Exclusive Club promotions and POS.

-Shell stations with entertainment rooms, equipped with TV, computers and internet access.

-Special events starring pop stars, such as singing duo Chitãorzinho and Xororó.

-Weekly television program on TV Bandeirantes, with lifestyle content focused on health, nutrition and entertainment.


-Free services such as dental treatment, blood pressure monitoring, haircuts and other amenities for drivers who can’t always maintain health and wellbeing on the road.


Direct components of the Club campaign that reminded truckers they were not alone on the job included:

• Direct mail: 313,000 pieces

• Web-based marketing: 378,775 emails and over 2 million text messages

• Website: 309,000 unique visitors

• Promotions, discounts and POS

• Customer service centers: 5,396 calls answered

Research of Clube Irmão members revealed that the overall program was highly endorsed by its “brotherhood”:

• 82% believed being a member is worth it

• 86% read and liked receiving Club text messages

• 30% asked for greater frequency of text messaging

• 98% of members said the TV program content was good

As of March 2015, the program had attracted 352,000 total members and 464 participating stations. On average, the number of truckers who stopped at fuel stations participating in Clube Irmão increased by 4%, generating increased consumption of fuel and services.

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