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McCANN COPENHAGEN, Copenhagen / IKEA / 2015

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The IKEA catalogue has promoted products for over 60 years. But never like this. For the first time, IKEA could promote the catalogue's product straight in the users' home.


We merged the traditional media with innovative mobile technology. This way, we gave users a

whole new shopping experience. The catalogue became an access point that made it possible to

transform the users home into an IKEA showroom. Suddenly, the could look at the products right

in front of them. This made buying furniture so much easier as the private home became an

IKEA media channel.


The solution gave users a whole new shopping experience. IKEA got to promote their product in a

new way, as every user's home was turned into an IKEA showroom. It received a lot of attention

in widely spread media and the app got over one million downloads the first week. The catalogue

is no longer only a source of inspiration, it's a helpful tool that let users experience IKEA furniture

in their home before they even buy them.

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