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Sign of Death

TBWA\SRI LANKA, Colombo / AIA / 2016

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Because of their multinational background, AIA had a barrier with the Sri Lankans, as the company was largely thought to have little understanding of the local market. Our task was to disprove that misconception. We found an opportunity to do so during Poson – our largest religious gathering, where every year, pilgrims die of drowning. This is because Anuradhapura – the ancient tank city which hosts, excite bathers to get into its many ancient tanks. In the process, they also ignore the warning signs put up around tanks as they are mundane and therefore, lack the power to get peoples’ attention. So, we created the ‘Sign of Death – a ‘Gokkola’ or Coconut leaf decoration used to adorn funerals in Sri Lanka - to indicate hazardous bathing spots. Following which, not a single death by drowning was reported during the festival, with people appreciating AIA for being rooted deeply in

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