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The problem:

The region's youth weren't aware of Skittles. So, we came up with a hilarious alternative narrative campaign of the origins of Skittles, titled 'Where Skittles Come From'. The narrative used outrageous characters that were crucial in developing the stories. The campaign revolved around, a point-and-click game where users had to take on bizarre tasks to uncover different sources of Skittles. Once uncovered, a different action-packed game was revealed. Users had to collect as many Skittles as possible by controlling the Skittles Falcon. The top scorers made it into the hall of fame and won special prizes.


Here, users were treated to a rich, colorful, crazy world, based around different styles of lights, textures, typography, levers and colors. We worked closely with our illustrators to craft each area, designing the different stories and the characters to fit into them. The style had to reflect the concept – magical and wacky – giving a vector-based world that looked pleasing when viewed both wide-angle and when zoomed in close.


Through the visual craft of the campaign, we pulled in our audience by providing them with a game that was addictive and highly interactive, supported by online and offline content that was funny and social. As a direct result of the campaign, we received 56,195 Facebook fans, and users of the campaign site spent an average of over 11 minutes, compared to the regional industry average of 2 minutes.

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