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AB INBEV, Sao Paulo / AB INBEV / 2018

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Skolors: special-edition cans in a spectrum of skin colors to celebrate diversity.


People are suspicious of big brands. Especially if the biggest beer brand in Latin America decides to wave the banner of diversity. Therefore, we decided to split our PR efforts in two parts. In the first one, we used the reach that a big brand has to tell the trade that we were launching something new. News, MOOC began a conversation, introducing the project and reaching the people in a real authentic manner. Thus, they reach artists, musicians and admirers of the work that not be so receptive to listen to a corporation.


In just 5 days, out of the 25 of the campaign, we achieved: 96% social health index on a sensitive subject. This included positive comments, support for the topic, compliments for the film and tagging of friends.

9 million reach.

8.7 of which was organic reach.

The highest in AB Inbev’s history, compared to the company’s mainstream beers.

34. million impressions.

10 millions views.

Shared 30,200 times.

36% VTR.

The company’s best previous result was 9%

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