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Socially oriented educational program «Grow up healthy, baby!»

Problem. Demographic crisis

15 years ago Russia faced almost an irreversible population decline, as a number of women of fertile age reduced twice! Underestimation the value of motherhood and fatherhood, and lack of social support for families with children raised the situation when death-rate exceeds birth-rate!


National Project "«Grow up healthy, baby!»" is the largest socially responsible program supported by the Moscow Department of Public Health. The program’s aim is popularization of motherhood and childhood among young generation and education of young mothers during their perinatal period.

Main focuses:

Doctors and academic community: professional consultations and support on health and child’s care for parents. On line registration to be consulted by the best Russian medical luminaries, experts and different specialists from general pediatricians to child psychiatrists.

2013 – the program is supported by Moscow Foundation for Social Pediatrics.

Family Institution: mothers & children - support during first years of life: Assistance to young families according the child's growth, upbringing and taking care about.

Celebrities& charity events “Mother’s day” and “Children’s day” in Russia: celebrities are taking part in program’s events, encouraging active promotion of family and parenthood’s institution.


1 stage: Education of young women during pregnancy and during the first year of baby's life through regular guide's publication including scientific publications and usefull articles.

2 stage: Direct communication with pregnant women and young families by providing test samples. Distribution of samples and products information is organised in maternity houses and women's consultations. Gifts are awarded in one of the happiest moments of life and , at the same time , during the acute lack of information. Clients act as assistants and advisors ,showing that they care about their customers, thereby increasing loyalty and strengthening the credibility of the company.

This stage also include e-mailing!

3 stage: popularization of the family institution and motherhood by organizing large charity events " Mother's Day " and " Children's Day " with paticipation of Russian celebrities.


Results. Uniqueness

•The program is existing more than 10 years and implemented in more than 150 cities and towns of Russia

•The program is supported by Government bodies, medical institutions and independent companies and cooperates with more than 300 prevention and treatment facilities per month (maternity houses, female counselling centers and pediatric clinics)

•Reach to target audience is more than 800,000 of young families and parents per year

2013 – the program is supported by Moscow Foundation for Social Pediatrics as a scientific curator and a partner.

•Every second pregnant woman becomes a member of the program

For 2 years the program brings together more than 10 clients( Reckitt Benckiser , Henkel , Bayer, Gradient, Abbott Laboratories , Vertex, Gerda, Vesta, World of Childhood , Anika, Artsana rus, Alliance market and others.

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