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CLM BBDO, Boulogne-Billancourt / MERCEDES BENZ / 2013


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Splitview technology is a central screen taht allows the driver to follow the GPS while the passenger can enjoy a movie or anything else on the same screen.

How to promote this exclusive technology for motorists ?

To reach out our target, we decided to communicate using the radio medium.

We had a simple idea : the « Splitradio » : The first radio commercial to deliver a different message to the driver and the passenger at the same time.

The sound design challenge was to write the two messages so that each syllable of the message on the left corresponded with each syllable on the right. And that was a real mix and production challenge.


We had a simple idea : the « Splitradio ».

We decided to use only the radio to interpret our creative idea. In our opinion, it was the most efficient media for that case. Creating a radio spot was the best solution to reach out to our target i.e drivers listening to the radio in their car.

We had a simple idea : the « Splitradio » : The first radio commercial to deliver a different message to the driver and the passenger.

On the one hand, the message is for the driver and on the other hand, it is for the passenger. They have both different message explaining the advantages of the Splitview technology. It says that thanks to the slipt screen, the drivers can focus on the road and the passengers can enjoy watching a movie for example.

That spot was created to be listenned in the car. Thus, it was broadcasted only on the highway radio station (in stereo) during a holiday’ departure and return.


84% of people driving on the highway listen to highway radio stations. They are thus very receptive during their trip, and we manage to ensure a great visibility of our radio spot. Moreover, we were “on air” during a very busy period on the road, since it was during a holiday period in France. During the first weekend of the campaign, 6 millions motorists were exposed to the Splitradio and much more during the two-weeks campaign.

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