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MINDSHARE WW, London / NIKE / 2009

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Inspire:A Guy Ritchie-directed commercial premiered as a 2 minute solus ad break prior to the Manchester United vs Barcelona Champions League semi-final on ITV1.

A blogging agency was used to identify bloggers to seed exclusive content.

“Nike Live - Cesc Fabregas” was aired across Sky1 and Sky Sports led by the agency.

Real-time ads ran online when Nike athletes scored.110,000 players from Nike Club databases were sent postcards from Euro 2008 saying “Wish You Were Here”.Enable:Nike, the Premier League and Sir Alex Ferguson launched a search for the best unsigned footballing talent across UK and Ireland. Hopefuls were whittled down to 22 to train with Sir Alex.

10 webisodes and the highlights followed three YPs quest to participate in a training camp with Sir Alex.

An hour-long programme was created, Sir Alex’s Most Wanted, telling their story which aired across the Sky Network at peak times.


All key football brand measures saw significant improvements post-campaign: • Nike’s top of mind awareness as a football brand increased by 13%.

• Nike’s market share in football footwear increased by 25%.

• Nike was the dominant “cool” brand amongst teens by the end of the summer.

The broadcast of Sir Alex’s Most Wanted is Nike’s most successful AFP to date. The broadcasts delivered an audience of 803,000 in total, outperforming slot averages in almost every instance.

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