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Spotify, the leading music streaming platform, sought to make a splash at the region's biggest music conference happening in Riyadh (XP MUSIC FUTURES), by promoting their highly-anticipated WRAPPED 2022 in-app event.

WRAPPED is a yearly celebration of users' musical preferences, highlighting their top artists and hours listened throughout the year. As the originator of this popular trend among music streaming services, Spotify wanted to assert its leadership in the space and offer conference attendees an unforgettable experience.

Rather than settling for a simple sponsorship or booth, Spotify aimed to truly immerse themselves in the event and solidify their position as a leader in the industry.


We transformed Spotify's WRAPPED event into one-of-a-kind art murals, taking the user-journey from the digital realm to the physical world.

We brought WRAPPED to life on two permanent walls, using live art as a medium to integrate with the music performances on the ground. The idea was to fully immerse attendees in a brand experience that blended music, art, and technology.


The audience of the event are composed of people from a wide range of backgrounds, but all united by their passion for music and interest in the industry. We carefully selected prime locations for the artworks at the music conference, ensuring it was highly visible and enjoyed by attendees.

The murals were on two permanent walls so they to could be enjoyed at future events held at the venue.

We scheduled the mural's creation during the event, with special consideration given to when certain featured artists would be performing, keeping in mind that the local artists revealed in the art, were top trending WRAPPED artists, allowing people to experience WRAPPED live.

This was meant to integrate with the event's actual music performances, while acting as a WRAPPED reminder. Finally, to increase exposure, online content was created by Spotify, the artists, and the event organizers and shared with fans.


We partnered with a talented local graffiti artist to paint two colorful and vibrant murals sized 6x20m, featuring portraits and titles of four hiphop artists and four EDM DJs.

The murals included cornered walls that were perfect for messaging such as "What's one year old and full of jams? Your Wrapped. Coming Soon" as well as "Find out how you played in 2022. Your Wrapped is coming soon" along with a colorful hashtag wall of #SPOTIFYWRAPPED.

The walls were also designed following the official global WRAPPED identity and guidelines to create consistency with the WRAPPED campaign and in-app event that was scheduled to appear on Spotify user's accounts.

Establishing the base designs took two weeks, the artists' portraits took three days and they were revealed live during the event.


The stunning murals we created were featured in countless Instagram moments shared by the music conference attendees, creating organic reach and engagement.

Music artists featured in the artwork and many other industry figures shared images of the murals on their channels, while event organizers and Spotify created their own social posts, all tagging the Spotify's account.

Even music publications and accounts joined the conversation, creating their own coverage featuring the murals as a backdrop.

Without any paid promotions, the murals had an organic reach of 1.3M and 435K social interactions from likes, reel plays and comments in the span of 3 days.

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