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IDEA: The most culturally inclusive campaign Australia has ever seen.

To make this happen we couldn’t just tell people lamb unites Australians – we had to prove it. So instead of attaching to pre-existing moments of togetherness we set out to find areas where Australia wasn’t united and do something about it.

Social listening and audience analysis revealed that despite Australia being one of the world’s most diverse nations, a truly omni-cultural melting pot of different backgrounds, lifestyles, sexualities, religions, (dis)abilities, our media landscape didn’t accurately reflect it. In fact, the majority of talent, journalists and politicians that Australians see in the media are white, middle-aged men.

Moreover, despite cultural audiences controlling over 20%of Australia’s retail expenditure, less than 1% was invested in advertising specifically targeting these groups.

INSIGHT: Australian media does not reflect, or acknowledge, the true cultural diversity of our nation.


1. Get inclusivity on the national agenda.

We stimulated a national conversation through a 90” video featuring 150 diverse people coming together over lamb. Distributed via mass reach buyouts across TV, YouTube and Facebook, and supported by strong PR, we immediately got the nation talking about positive diversity.

2. Identify and target neglected communities.

We identified neglected communities via a custom dashboard powered by +300million data points from the Australian Census™ and used insights to tailor media and messages with tactics such as:

- In-language ads in ethnic websites, Weibo & WeChat.

- Multicultural recipe cards in butchers.

- ‘Cheeky’ LGBTQI messages on billboards.

- Braille ads in key public spaces.

3. Physically bring people together over lamb.

Through a media-first partnership with peer-to-peer dining platform FeedUp™ we facilitated over 50 cross-cultural lamb get-togethers across the nation, with110 pieces of earned social content reaching a third of all Australians.


With less than $1m budget we delivered one of MLA’s most successful campaigns ever.

By challenging tradition and focusing on modern cross-cultural inclusivity, we not only brought the country together over a positive message but increased consumption of lamb by 14.9%, measured as mean serves per week Aug-Oct 2016 (+4% YoY).

- +5.3% increase in overall lamb sales YoY.

- + 74% agree ‘lamb is for everyone’.

- + 371 pieces of earned media coverage, with an opportunity to see of 166m.

- + 50 community events held via FeedUp, with social content reaching 6.9m Australians.

- + Over 82% of all Australians reached.

At a time where divisive politics is flooding the news, and interest groups are fuelling our newsfeeds with hate speech, MLA brought the country together over lamb by celebrating the positives of our diverse land to offset the wealth of cultural negativity.

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