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OMD, Singapore / NTUC INCOME / 2016

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You only live once – this millennial mantra results in youth thinking for themselves, for today. Retiring is a journey, with retirement as just one of its milestones.

6 in 10 people only started saving for retirement at the age of 45. This late start is a key reason for not being able to retire comfortably.

By starting to plan your retirement early in your life, NTUC Income allows you to take baby steps towards being financially independent upon retirement. The money you put away in your youth is worth much more than the dollars you save near your retirement.

We had to introduce the NTUC Income’s retirement plans into the millennial’s lifestyle. The campaign aimed to strike up a conversation that enjoying the present while saving up for the future is possible.

A tough ask for us, answering a need the youth didn’t know they had!


On her social platforms, up-and-coming starlet Rebecca Lim announced that she was retiring. That was the stunt.

Social uproar ensued, with over 10,000 comments and posts and coverage on numerous traditional and digital news outlets gathered over just two days.

After the weekend of debate, chatter, and at the peak of public interest, we launched our campaign.

Our series of online ads were meant to capture our target audience at their daily internet activities:

- For Google display network and YouTube in-stream ads, the targeting filters included travel, fashion and lifestyle.

- Google search for conversion

- Instagram ads for 15-24 target

- Facebook Carousel ads and video ads on desktop and mobile with targeting was filtered based on interests.

- We also held the world’s first Facebook LIVE panel discussion. It was an e-dialogue on retirement that crowd-sourced questions from Facebook’s audience.

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