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This is the story about the child bride Thea became a global icon in the fight against child marriage. Thea’s wedding blog kick-started a global movement which made the Norwegian #stoppbryllupet (#stopthewedding) into a world-wide motto for all those who wanted to show their disdain for the practice of child marriage. World leaders, Hollywood celebrities, opinion leaders, commentators and a huge number of people from across the whole spectrum of Norwegian society took part in the campaign. After a mass mobilisation across the world we stopped Thea’s child wedding on the UN’s international day of the girl. At the same time we reached out to more than a billion people across the world, generated more than 140 million NOK for Plan Norway’s work and engaged Norwegian authorities to take on an international leadership role in the fight against child marriage.


•Attention: Huge number of editorial mentions with 402 pieces in Norwegian media, including live TV broadcast of the wedding on the two biggest online news sites in Norway. The campaign was mentioned by thousands of international media. Earned reach 85 million people in Norway and internationally the reach was more than a billion.•Engagement: Thea's blog was visited by 2.5million readers and #stoppbryllupet generated more than 30million organic impressions on Twitter.•Awareness: 68% of those who were aware of the campaign say it has made them realised the importance of fighting against child marriage.•Impact: #Stoppbryllupet recruited several thousand new supporters for Plan Norway that will contribute over 16.100.000million EURO to Plan’s work (goal exceeded by more than 200%). Prime Minister Erna Solberg made the fight against child marriage her personal cause and the Norwegian Government just announced that Norway has committed to take the lead in the fight against Child Marriage.


•We launched Thea’s blog•Celebrity Jenny Skavlan shared the blog on Twitter•Thea’s blog revealed to be plans campaign•Blog portal Launch+Real life blogs•Consumer PR both about the campaign and about •Establishing hashtag (#StopTheWedding and creating a movement in social media•Thea's blog keep posting and she communicates on Snapchat•Political Lobyism - working to gain political support and change•Paid media – Banners and print ads•Event - Inviting people to the wedding•DM – Child Bride Magazine•International reach through Bored Panda, APEK and piced up by interntional celebrities made the upcoming wedding go viral.•The international day of the girl child-conference with political leaders•Instagram-people shared their wedding photos for support•The first Norwegian child wedding- stopped by the help of attendees, politicians, online supporters.•Live broadcast in in Norway and around the world.

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