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Modern consumers are becoming increasingly fragmented and the message of conventional car sales promotions is not reaching consumers as readily as before. Therefore, Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.) and Gainax Co. Ltd. collaborated on a project with the unprecedented approach of creating an animation series to promote Subaru corporate branding.


When the project was announced, a Twitter account was launched linked to the official website and progress reports on the animation series and promotional videos were released for Gainax and anime fans to heighten anticipation leading up to the official release. The groundwork was laid to create buzz and news coverage for Subaru fans and the business community by capitalizing on the improbability of the cross-industrial collaboration.

The day before the premiere, the press was invited to Shibuya for a screening event.

Immediately following the event, the world premiere of "Wish Upon the Pleiades" was broadcast on four giants screens in front of Shibuya station.

It was also simultaneously released on the brand channel with a YouTube gadget.


1. Buzz spread among anime fans, general consumers and the business community.The project was reported in wide-ranging media, from anime magazines to general news websites and industry newspapers, which increased recognition for the animation series and for the Subaru brand.

2. High praise and large number of views.The official YouTube channel had: - 1,738,643 collective online channel views (As of March 8).

- No.1 sponsored content in Japan, No.19 worldwide (As of February). - 4,742 subscribers (whole period). - No.2 sponsored content in Japan.3. Corporate branding from favourability toward animation series.- People made their own stickers and decals for their cars, and fans uploaded illustrations to Pixiv and other social media sites for artists.

- Many people posted on major online bulletin boards that they were going to buy a Subaru.

- The animation project is proving to be the trigger to purchasing a Subaru.

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