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MEDIACOM, Vienna / T MOBILE / 2008


1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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We translated the claim into ‘Step as Fast as Much as You Can’, challenging participation in an online gaming competition in bus shelters.

Touch panels inside the bus shelters allowed consumers not only to sign up for this competition, but also displayed the T-Mobile TV-Copy as screensaver, connecting the ATL media effort to the gaming area.Participants had 15” to step as often as possible on two floor marks. Their steps were counted on a touch-screen and filmed by one of two installed webcams.High scorers’ videos, recorded by the second webcam installed at each site, were immediately uploaded to a 'Hall of Fame', accessible through the touch-screens. All gamers could compare their performance to those of other gamers in one of the other bus shelters.


The results were tremendous. Whilst former interactive download actions in bus shelters only triggered one download per day for T-Mobile, the novel gaming realisation counted 80 started applications each day. All in all approximately 5,000 people gamed via 6 sites to experience the product benefit “As Much As You Can”.

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