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T-Mobile x Reese’s 5G Halloween Experiences

SPARKS, Philadelphia / T MOBILE / 2022

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Our client partnered with Reese’s to create a delightful Halloween trick-or-treating experience that illustrated the power of 5-G technology in a delicious and entertaining way. We transformed the exterior of a traditional brownstone home in New York City’s Park Slope neighborhood into an “Apartment 5G” to create a one-of-kind brand experience. When trick-or-treaters approached the larger-than-life door, they pressed a large doorbell (a custom 3D-printed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup) and TONS of candy shot into their bags at top speed—a speed that mimicked our client's 5G capabilities. Our objective was to help consumers understand the value of 5G technology in a simple and memorable way. Reese’s peanut butter cups are the most popular Halloween candy in America. Giving people more of what they love at lightning speed was a fun way to demonstrate how 5G is leaps and bounds faster than 3G and 4G.


We combined our client's and Reese’s brand colors and added Halloween sounds, colored lighting and festive decor to turn an ordinary apartment door into a fantastical “Apartment 5G.” Consumers had the trick-or-treating experience of a lifetime when they climbed the steps to Apartment 5G and pressed the large Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup doorbell. Pressing the doorbell unleashed a load of Reese’s candy into their Halloween bags, providing a unique experience of “Halloween on 5G.”


The strategy was to create an experience that was fun, creative and buzzworthy—and that demonstrated the power of our client's 5G technology in a way that was easy (and delightful) to understand. The main activation took place in Brooklyn, NY and scaled versions of the same experience were held in T-Mobile retail stores in Santa Monica, CA; Southlake, TX; and Miami, FL. In addition to distributing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, we also gave away 5,000 limited-edition “Take 5G” bars. The Reese’s “Take 5” candy bar was rebranded as “Reese’s Take 5G” and launched as the “Official Candy Bar of 5G.” There was also a “Golden Ticket” component that extended to social media, where five winners received the grand prize of a free 5G device and a lifetime of T-Mobile service. To keep the momentum going, we also gave away free 5G bars on “T-Mobile Tuesdays.”


Our client has the fastest (per OpenSignal) and most reliable (per Umluat) 5G coverage in the country. Reese’s is the #1 Halloween candy in America. Joining these two brands together created an activation that was easy for consumers to understand and appealed to them on multiple levels. Trick-or-treaters want candy on Halloween, and they’ll never forget what Halloween on 5G felt like. We created a multisensory experience integrating brand colors and Halloween sounds with the delicious taste, smell and feel of chocolate and peanut butter treats. (Peanut-free candy was on-hand for consumers with allergies.)


Online coverage resulted in 30 stories (including syndication) with a total potential audience of 914K. Excluding sweepstakes coverage, 89% of stories included 5G network momentum news.

There were over 2,000 visits across the four locations—a 62% increase in in-store foot traffic compared to Halloween 2020 for our client. (Visits were tracked via how many times the 5G door button was pressed—there were far more visitors present at each location.) The T-Mobile Tuesdays (TMT) sweepstakes that offered participants the chance to win a year’s supply of Reese’s product resulted in the highest number of registrations of any TMT game ever—1.9 million registrations and 2.6 million game plays! Social conversion saw over 30K mentions from over 25K unique users with a total potential audience of over 110 million.

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