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Tale of two cities

APPLE, Cupertino / APPLE / 2017

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To create a body of work that is authentic to street culture in different parts of the globe in a way that only Apple can capture. We felt the best approach was through amazing urban photography in two contrasting cities; Hong Kong and New York and we entitled the project ‘A Tale of 2 Cities.’ The end result was a combination of commerce, people, skylines, nature and architecture—because ultimately, that’s where our users take the most pictures.


We teamed up with ten photographers—from the well established to the up and comers—to shoot over 300,000 images using iPhone, in a span of two and a half months, in two of the liveliest cities on the planet: New York and Hong Kong.

To show off iPhone’s latest camera features (Low Light, Portrait mode, Wide Color Gamut), we captured candid, intimate, and unexpected moments that tell the tale of two cities with an artful approach. 

The body of work wasn’t retouched or edited in any way and was used for videos, advertising, retail panels, keynote presentations, and online.


The campaign was incredibly well-received and successfully generated excitement contributing to the record-shattering iPhone release. The striking photography was extensively covered in the press, garnering positive critical reviews for its artfulness and cultural impact. Campaign goals were far surpassed and expectations exceeded, leading to it being recognized as one of iPhone’s top performing efforts ever.

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