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OMD UK, London / GOOGLE / 2015

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People woke up to breakfast radio, where the App provided real-time weather updates for the capital.

On the way to work, they read commuter titles which tied search examples directly into the surrounding editorial.

Through the morning and afternoon they saw thousands of location specific voice searches served dynamically across digital out of home, mobile and tablet.

In the evening, they watched TV and video spots that dramatized voice searches, at a time when they were most likely to test it for themselves.

Overall, we delivered 2,500 contextual messages a day; across eight different channels.


In six months, we saw a 22 point increase in awareness and drove millions more voice searches.

We also saw tens of thousands of replicated searches, proving that our media placements were directly driving trial.

The contextually relevant approach also challenged the role of advertising; by turning marketing messages into genuinely useful pieces of information.

And most importantly, we helped hundreds of thousands of people to adopt an easier way to search – just by ‘Talking to Google’

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