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Tata Motors #RedHotDark Edition - Gutsy. Dominant. Magnetic.

BELIEF FILMS, Mumbai / TATA / 2024







The intention of the film was the launch of the 'Red. Hot. Dark' Edition of three of the Tata motors flagship SUVs - Safari, Harrier & Nexon.

The brief was to make the film stark and visually distinct that highlights the Black exterior and the red details of the cars.


Inspired by Film Noir’s black & white, moody, harsh shadows, and sharp lighting aesthetic, the idea was to keep the film in a dark atmospheric world that matches the aesthetics of the Dark Edition Range. An exciting challenge stemming from this was creating methods to execute a black car at night in black & white film. To achieve the control needed to make the cars stand out, majority of the wide shots were taken on actual locations at night, and utilizing LED screens in a studio setting with the cars allowed us more control over lighting and camera movements to capture the details needed to be shown. Along with this, to accentuate the red elements of the cars, the transformation of the lights was the ideal technique in highlighting the change. All of this making the color red stand out as the car zips by painting the town RED.

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