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Teachable Machine

GOOGLE, New York / GOOGLE / 2020


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Teachable Machine 2.0 is a free web tool that makes it fast and easy to create machine learning models for your projects, no coding required. Train a computer to recognize your images, sounds, & poses, then export your model for your sites, apps, and more.


The first version of Teachable Machine, in 2017, let anyone teach their computer to recognize images using a webcam. For a lot of people, it was their first time experiencing what it’s like to train their own machine learning model: teaching the computer how to recognize patterns in data (images, in this case) and assign new data to categories. Since then, we’ve heard from lots of people who want to take their Teachable Machine models  one step further and use them in their own projects. Teachable Machine 2.0 lets you train your own machine learning model with the click of a button, no coding required, and export it to websites, apps, physical machines and more. Teachable Machine 2.0 can also recognize sounds and poses, like whether you're standing or sitting down. You can use Teachable Machine to recognize images, sounds or poses. Upload your own image files, or capture them live with a mic or webcam. These examples stay on-device, never leaving your computer unless you choose to save your project to Google Drive. With the click of a button, Teachable Machine will train a model based on the examples you provided. All the training happens in your browser, so everything stays in your computer. The model you created is powered by Tensorflow.js, an open-source library for machine learning from Google. You can export it to use in websites, apps, and more. You can also save your project to Google Drive so you can pick up where you left off. Since launch, more than 1.3 million users have made more than 1.5 million models. It’s been used in schools around the world, used by businesses to prototype new ideas, included in curriculum at stanford, MIT, and more.?

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