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We traveled around Italy in a customised Google Bus, stopping along the way to speak to Italians and show them how simple it is to protect their online data with Google My Account. During the roadshow we invited artists on board and asked them to use Tilt Brush to create their visual interpretation of online security. At the end of the roadshow, we hosted a pop-up in Milan called “Future Viewing”?, ?a VR interactive experience. We partnered with Wired to get the word out and brought the Tilt Brush experience from the bus to the Future Viewing exhibition. We encouraged visitors to not only view, but also create, and the Future Viewing Gallery soon became an evolving display of visitor artwork, alongside the best paintings gathered from the bus tour. The objective was for people to walk in as viewers and walk out as makers thanks to Google technology.


We were briefed on the project in December 2016. After one month of creative development, we secured a location in Milan. At the site, we had two days of set up ahead of kicking off a private, invitation-only vernissage evening. Then we opened our doors to the general public and stayed open for three days. The exhibition space was divided into four areas: a live permanent collection, a “best of now” collection, a Privacy and Security area where people were able to do the Security check-up and a Tilt Brush area. Conceptually, the first two areas worked as an inspiration for the visitors to then create their own artwork with Tilt Brush in the final area.


+3,500 people attended with up 2 hours of queue

+3,000 Security Check-ups

+1,000 Tilt Brush paintings

More than 500 #FutureViewing social mentions

More than 40 press clips

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