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INITIATIVE, London / TESCO / 2012

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This “edge” was becoming increasingly hard to establish and we knew we needed a partner who could really help us connect with our target demographic. Then we approached The Sun… and the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place. A new unstoppable pound fighting duo had been born! Through this pioneering partnership we improved the existing Captain Crunch editorial to feature hints, tips and information, plus an independent basket price-checker feature and money-off vouchers. We digitised the “Captain” too extending into The Sun online, where readers could research offers in more detail. Captain Crunch made his presence felt on The Sun’s and Tesco’s Facebook pages, subscriber e-newsletters, in-paper, in-store events and editorial puffs. To enhance effectiveness of Tesco’s press spend, we diverted budget from existing editorial property into Captain Crunch and switched the release date from Friday to Tuesday allowing readers to plan their spending for the week ahead.


Success! We extended Tesco’s sales lead whilst simultaneously creating a deep and mutually beneficial brand partnership. Captain Crunch became an essential editorial destination and enabled Tesco to appear on a staggering 45/48 front covers of the Sun, at no extra cost! A YouGov survey of 353 Sun readers revealed that 24% of people claimed the vouchers persuaded them to go into a supermarket when it wasn’t their main grocery store - recall of Tesco advertising is now 23ppts higher as a result!

•Over 800,000 vouchers redeemed.

•Sales increased by over £12m.

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